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This innovative self-cleaning fridge condenser can save money and afford you peace of mind

Turbo Air’s patented Self-cleaning Condenser is an innovative feature that uses a fine mesh filter to catch the dust, while the rotating brush moves up and down 2~3 times a day to remove the excess outward and away from the condenser, effectively preventing dust from accumulating in the first place. This allows your system to maintain the highest efficiency while mitigating premature system failure.

Busy marketplaces and restaurant kitchen spaces with heavy traffic accumulate massive amounts of dust quickly, leading to a dirty condenser. Dirty condensers can cause major issues when neglected without proper maintenance such as; increased energy consumption, compressor failure, health inspection failure and manufacturer warranty void. Dirty condenser coils are one of the most frequent service problems in commercial refrigeration.

Energy Consumption Increase

In heavy traffic environment, dust builds up rapidly in the refrigeration system preventing the condenser from properly releasing heat. This causes excessive energy consumption and increases the workload of the compressor which will ultimately shorten its lifespan.

Compressor Failure

When dust builds up, a blocked condenser cannot expel enough heat from the system and it is forced to run constantly resulting in increased pressure and temperature which can cause the compressor to overheat and fail. Replacing a compressor could cost $1,000 and up approximately, depending on the compressor’s type and model, and labor fees.

Health Inspection Failure

Compressor failure and system malfunction can lead to loss of stored goods and health inspection failure. Business interruptions are inevitable additions to the repair expense.

Void Manufacture Warranty

Most refrigeration manufacturers require their customers to clean the condenser every 30 to 90 days. Otherwise, the manufacturer warranty is void. Why worry about a void warranty and cumbersome maintenance requirements, call and discuss your options to save money on unnecessary power consumption and provide the peace of mind you desire.

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