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MODULAR DESIGNS are the future of Commercial Kitchens

If you need to replace or remove equipment in a commercial kitchen, it can be expensive! Mistakes happen: benches are too low, fridges are too small, islands are in the way. Thankfully, clever new kitchen designs have managed to avoid these hassles with a new type of fit-out: modular kitchens.

Modular kitchens are spaces that are designed using pre-manufactured ‘modules’ that fit together like a puzzle. They can work well if you have a new space that can be designed from scratch. Unlike bespoke or custom-made kitchens, these modules use generic measurements that allow for a variety of brands to utilise.

Cost effective and able to be installed instantly, modular kitchens are the way to go for hospitality businesses big or small. Here’s why.

Flexible Kitchen Concepts

Having the flexibility to change your cuisine or concept is crucial in the modern hospitality industry. It's likely that your business will be sold within the next five years, and who knows what the next owner will want to do with it. Trends move quickly these days, and being able to quickly incorporate a high-selling item is important. Bringing in a specific piece of equipment such as an extra fryer or flash freezer gives you the chance to experiment and develop your menu.

Replacements are easier to manage

In a modular kitchen, benches and appliances are seperate, you can pull an oven out easily and changeover regardless of brand. High-use items such as deep fryers and combi-ovens are often the first to be worn down and need replacement - so it's important these can be removed and replaced quickly and safely.

It increases the value of the property for sale

Being able to sell a commercial space that lends itself to a multitude of purposes is naturally going to make it easier to sell. Everyone comes in with a very different dream of what they are wanting to create, along with fairly specific design needs to make that happen. Having a modular kitchen that can be reconfigured is a great selling point when it comes time to move.

No barrier to growth

If you are looking to increase your venue capacity, your kitchen needs to keep up. With a modular design, you can completely change your current kitchen to suit any extensions or additional areas put on.

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