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How to choose a good refrigerator? Solution for supermarket freezer!

How to ensure the profitability of your supermarkets? Frozen food section, fresh food section, cold drink section, seize the three profits!

1. Better freezing, better profitability

The frozen food section of the supermarket mainly displays a variety of frozen food. As the sign of the supermarket, and the best way to attract customers, a variety of fresh and fresh products are also the biggest profit point of the supermarket. Better and more varieties of products in the frozen food section will attract more customers and generate more profits.

2. Better refrigerating, more customers

The fresh food section of the supermarket mainly displays a variety of meat, fruits and vegetables. These are daily necessities of family life. Better display effects can make meat and vegetables look fresher and tastier. This is the best way to engage customers。

The fresher and healthier the product, the more returning customers it will engage.

3. Better cold drinks, better operating

The cold drink section of the supermarket mainly displays a variety of brews, beverages and yogurts. These are perceptual products. A good cold drink section can attract more passersby to shop, especially in the hot summer season. This requires that the cold drink section have a beautiful display. The better presented display of your cold drink section, the better the sales.

4. Choose good freezers, double profits.  

There are many kinds of freezers now. If you have purchased inferior products in the past, it would have undoubtedly cost you dearly. How can we buy quality supermarket freezers going forward?

1)Durable Construction

The supermarket freezers' service life depend on the material firm level. Quality supermarket refrigerators have angle brackets between the shell and liner, this can improve the firmness greatly. After all parts including the door frame are welded and pressed into shape, and one-piece foaming, the door frame assembly is stronger, therefore durable..

2)Larger effective volume

High quality refrigerator suppliers establish a set of strict international product standards and quality control systems. All the products have to undergo a rigorous testing system to guarantee the quality before delivery.

3)Fast refrigerating and stable temperature

The operating temperature of the refrigerator is according to the optimum temperature of food storage. Refrigerators(2~8℃) are suitable for plant food, this can ensure temperature of juice in the food is higher than freezing point and maintains it's fresh condition.

4)Better insulation effect

Mature foaming technology can produce good thermal insulation effect of the refrigeration cabinet.

5)Renowned brand for refrigeration compressor

Quality supermarket refrigerators all use commercial compressors. These compressors have good starting performance, and complete refrigeration capacity. We can adjust the configuration according to different requirements of the products. It has many characteristics such as being suitable for bad operating environment, long running time, etc. This can guarantee the stability of the product quality.

Chione have unique freezing technology and additional innovative functions. One-stop shop for combination coolers in your supermarket.

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