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Does your kitchen design work for you, inspire you and foster creativity?

Designing an efficient kitchen is not the same thing as creating great food. There are so many variables to take into account that it can be difficult for many hospitality business owners to factor all of them in. Sometimes, you only realise you forgot to take something into account when it’s much too late and there’s no going back.

At Chione Australia we have extensive experience in designing and fitting out commercial kitchens. We work with you closely to determine what you need and then we design a kitchen that fits in seamlessly with your workflow, and even improves it by ensuring every piece of equipment and work surface is positioned where it will do the most good.

We understand how important it is for you and your staff to have a space that inspires you and fosters your creativity. A company that handles the entire process from start to finish provides assurance that every single detail is being handled by the same team.

Business owners should expect this attention to detail from the company that they have hired to work on their commercial kitchen.

Essential criteria for consideration:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

  • Save money by getting the best equipment for your needs

  • Increase turnover because getting dishes to the table faster means a higher turnover of customers  

At Chione, we will never try to sell you the most expensive piece of equipment or equipment you don’t need. Our goal is the ultimate satisfaction of our customers and that means recommending the best equipment for your kitchen.

We are here to listen, understand your needs and provide the solution that matches your vision. So, all you have to do is worry about creating those amazing dishes for your customers, because we’ll take care of your commercial kitchen, creating a space that will inspire your creativity and provide the efficiency your business needs to become a resounding success. 

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