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Display fridge innovation shrugs off record-breaking heatwave – with the data to back it up

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Data on the performance of new Generation 2 - SKOPE ActiveCore display fridges purchased in Adelaide late last year have shown that the fridges were unaffected by January’s record-breaking heatwave in the region.

The information was collected automatically by Skope-Connect, the manufacturer’s new fridge management app.

“On some days the temperature around these fridges was well past the 40-degrees Celsius mark, but the temperature on the display shelves barely wavered. And to put that in context, these are fridges in high use, high traffic front of house areas in pubs, cafes, petroleum sites These doors are constantly being opened and closed.”

SKOPE launched its first generation ActiveCore in 2015 where it is still highly sought-after thanks to its power efficiency and reliability.

The new ActiveCores retain everything from the original, including the price and "five-year warranty,” Skope used a natural refrigerant to achieve even lower running costs with virtually no impact on the environment. But also added the SKOPE-connect.

SKOPE-connect uses data-driven insights to, among other things, support HACCP compliance by automatically monitoring and recording temperature, streamline servicing and repair, and minimise food waste.

“Suffice to say the potential of this technology is enough that many would expect it to be a premium cost feature. Instead, the price hardly makes dent against the first generation.

For raw data on energy efficient refrigeration or to incorporate this technology into your next fit out, simply contact Chione for an in-depth discussion.

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