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Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Although not always recognised as such, ice is actually a food. The ice-maker that creates it is a food production machine, meaning that hygiene is as crucially important as functionality. Poorly made, inappropriately stored or incorrectly handled ice can become a source of food poisoning. Therefore, careful consideration should be taken when purchasing your next ice-maker and its manufacturers guidelines.

Hoshizaki machines make ice using an advanced closed cell jet system which, because it is a very precise method, has the advantage of reducing humidity in the machine.

Thorough day-to-day housekeeping, regular machine maintenance, and personal hygiene are the most important factors when it comes to preventing bacteria growth. Reputable manufacturers will have ensured that their machines are as refined as possible and that their dealers and distributors are well-informed of the installation and servicing requirements.


Hoshizaki has offered basic guidelines on purchasing:

  • Select a machine with a tight-fitting ice storage door, complete with a gasket or seal.

  • Look for an ergonomically designed ice bin with rounded corners, and with all areas visible and accessible.

  • Look for a machine offering a rinse and flush cycle between each ice cycle, thus helping to eliminate water residues.

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